Exploring Space and the CubeSat Revolution with UCM Trainings

In this blog article, we will explore the training phases conducted by our partner, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM). These training sessions provided valuable insights into various topics, ranging from the importance of CubeSats to lunar missions and employment opportunities in the space sector. The trainings – offered by UCM within the context of EuroSpaceHub Academy – were four in total. They took place between October 2022 and March 2023. Keep reading to learn more!

Phase 1 Trainings by UCM

The space exploration and the CubeSat revolution

This training lasted 2 hours and took place on October 7th, 2022. The training covered the various issues involved in defining a space scientific mission, as well as how CubeSats enable institutes and universities to implement and operate these missions. This training targeted university graduates, postgraduates, and university professors. The training agenda is available here.

From an education/training perspective, the participants gained knowledge on the different components required to define an actual space scientific mission, including ground and space segments. They learned about the profiles needed to conduct the definition, implementation, and operation phases of such missions. Additionally, they were introduced to the possibilities offered by CubeSats and the NewSpace sector for these types of missions.

1st Lobby Lunar Latino Congress, The Moon as next destination, the OUL project

The training session, which lasted for 4 hours on November 24, 2022, focused on presenting the capabilities of Hispanic America in lunar exploration. It highlighted the potential benefits of implementing small yet powerful scientific missions in lunar exploration activities. The training specifically centered around the OUL project, serving as an ongoing example. The target audience for this training session comprised Hispanic America space stakeholders. The training agenda is available here.

From an education/training perspective, the participants gained knowledge about the ongoing activities of OUL as a demonstrator for implementing a lunar mission based on a small platform that flies onboard a larger standard mission. They learned about the advantages of this approach and the challenges associated with flying such a small payload.

Phase 2 Trainings by UCM

Employment Orientation Days

The Employment Orientation Days, held on February 22, 2023, aimed to showcase the wide range of employment opportunities available in the space sector for graduates and postgraduates with a background in Mathematics and related sciences. The seminar focused on highlighting the possibilities for entrepreneurship and self-employment within the space industry, particularly within the rapidly growing NewSpace sector. The training lasted 2 hours and the target audience included recent graduates and postgraduates, University Professors and the University Transfer Offices staff. The training agenda is available here.

Attendees received information about the opportunities that NewSpace opens up for graduates and postgraduates in terms of entrepreneurship and self-employment. The training also introduced the EuroSpaceHub platform and highlighted the role that UCM plays in this project.

Course: “Regulation and entrepreneurship in the Spanish space sector”

This course spanned four days, from March 21st to 24th, 2023. It was specifically designed to offer an overview for individuals seeking to enter the space sector industry. The training focused on analyzing the general framework of the activity and understanding the key elements required to establish and operate a company within this sector. The course also addressed the specificities of the space sector, including the search for funding and other essential factors that converge in this type of process. The target audience for the trainings were students, entrepreneurs, space-interested open public and professors. The training agenda is available here.

This course provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of the global framework involved in the development of a space mission. Alongside covering fundamental technical aspects, the course also addressed managerial, regulatory, and human resources considerations, with a specific focus on the key issues that space entrepreneurs needed to be mindful of.

Take a look at the program of the course here!