VILNIUS GEDIMINAS TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (VILNIUS TECH). lt is a leading higher education institution situated in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Established in 1956, VILNIUS TECH is one of the biggest research universities in the country, with a strong emphasis on technologies, engineering and university-business cooperation.

INTERNATIONAL SPACE UNIVERSITY. Since its founding in 1987 and located in Strasbourg, France, ISU has graduated more than 5000 students from over 110 countries. Together with hundreds of ISU faculty and lecturers from around the world, ISU alumni comprise an extremely effective network of space professionals and leaders that actively facilitates individual career growth, professional activities and international space cooperation.

COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY MADRID. The current Complutense University of Madrid was founded by Cardinal Cisneros as a result of the “Inter cetera” Papal Bull granted by Pope Alexander VI on 13 April 1499. The Central University was established by Order on 3rd October 1822, covering the studies of the literary University in Alcalá, of San Isidoro and of the Natural Sciences Museum.

COLLABWITH GROUP. Collabwith is a startup located in Amsterdam since 2018. Collabwith is a digital platform for innovation ecosystems for open innovation and collaboration. It has a holistic perspective of innovation from their own methodology and proprietary software to connect communities and automatically match needs and challenges with knowledge and technology in the Collabwith platform and beyond current innovation ecosystems in Europe.

LUNAR-EUROMOONMARS. The Lunar Explorers Society (Lunex) was formed during the 4th International Conference on the Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon (ICEUM4) organized by the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) held at the European Space Agency’s Technology Research Centre (ESTEC), in Noordwijk, The Netherlands on 14th July 2000.

National Technical University of Ukraine. The institute was founded on 31 August 1898 as the Kiev Polytechnic Institute of Emperor Alexander II, but its current building complex was not built until 1902. Until then, the institute was renting out its space at the building of Commercial School located on Vorovsky Street. At that time, it had four departments: Mechanical, Chemical, Agricultural, and Civil Engineering.


Our researchers spin-offs, space and aviation entrepreneurs needs funding… So, we partner with the best network of business angels in Europe.

If we need to introduce our policy briefs to the policy makers, we need a partner who can help us to organise events inside the European Parliament to talk about innovation ecosystems, and this is Knowledge4Innovation.

We are making ready our Space and Aviation ecosystem for the next IAC Baku 2023. Ekvita will support our researchers, entrepreneurs and business leaders to know the Azerbaijan market and Central Asian Countries.


DEUTSCHES ZENTRUM FÜR LUFT- UND RAUMFAHRT. GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER. DLR is the Federal Republic of Germany’s research centre for aeronautics and space. We conduct research and development activities in the fields of aeronautics, space, energy, transport, security and digitalisation. The German Space Agency at DLR plans and implements the national space programme on behalf of the federal government. Two DLR project management agencies oversee funding programmes and support knowledge transfer.

DOT. SPACE. Groundstation.SPACE supports potential end-users of satellite applications with its network to make experience and expertise available. This platform creates awareness of the value creation of new satellite applications. It provides feedback based on fieldwork to policymakers regarding innovation and valorisation of earth observation technology.

CARDIFF UNIVERSITY. We deliver significant economic and social impact to Wales and the UK, contributing to employment, research, teaching and learning. We strive to bring these benefits to the world.

UC3M. UNIVERSIDAD CARLOS 3 DE MADRID. UC3M was established by an Act of the Spanish Parliament on 5 May 1989, within the framework of the University Reform Act of 1983. From the outset it was intended to be a relatively small, innovative, public university, providing teaching of the highest quality and focused primarily on research. Our first Chancellor was Professor Gregorio Peces-Barba. UC3M´s mission is to contribute to the improvement of society through teaching of the highest quality and cutting-edge research in line with stringent international guidelines. The University aspires to excellence in all its activities, with the aim of becoming one of the top universities in Europe.

SBIC. SPACE BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRE NOORDWIJK. Space Business Innovation Centre (SBIC) Noordwijk supports entrepreneurs and startups that want to launch or improve a product or service that makes use of space technology. We want to provide a solid base – a foundation – for these companies. We want to be the innovative hub, containing everything a startup needs. So they can focus on what matters: building an impactful business.

RIGA PHOTONICS CENTRE. Riga Photonics Centre is dedicated to the advancement of light sciences and technologies to enable sustainable development for humankind co-evolving in harmony with life on Earth. Advocacy for public awareness of science is a primary focus of our activities.

VISORIU INFORMACINIU TECHNOLOGIJU PARKAS. VITP is technology park located in Vilnius. Our aim is to help companies grow and build a professional community. Our main activities are rendering consulting services on innovation, finance, R&D to innovative companies and developing infrastructure for innovative companies and attracting private investment into such development. We help companies develop insights for initiating and creating new products or services, facilitate clustering of companies and creation of new value chains and provide favorable infrastructure for growth and networking of business.


UNIVERSITY OF LATVIA. The University of Latvia contributes to the global science, higher education, knowledge, technology transfer and innovation, and ensures the growth of Latvian democracy and culture, the development of the Latvian language and the prosperity of the national economy. Space for excellence, environment for development, time for responsibility.

EUROPEAN WOMAN IN VC. European Women in VC is a community of over 1000 senior female venture capital investors from all over Europe and beyond. 

LT VCA. LITHUANIAN PRIVATE EQUITY AND VENTURE CAPITAL ASSOCIATION. LT VCA unites all Lithuania’s leading private equity and venture capital market participants. 

The LT VCA monitors and helps to improve the regulatory and business environment which is necessary for a healthy functioning of the private capital market in Lithuania. The association also serves as a central platform for the representation and promotion of the Lithuanian private equity and venture capital market to institutional investors, policymakers, and the general public on local and global levels. 

KU LEUVEN. KU Leuven is an international community where innovative research forms the basis of all our academic programmes. Across the university, driven researchers and curious students continually gain new insights and use their knowledge to tackle the foremost challenges of our time.

KANO SPACE HUB. In the heart of Kano, Nigeria, our society is a celestial hub designed to ignite curiosity and fuel the imaginations of space enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid astronomer, a budding space scientist, or simply someone intrigued by the vast unknown, the Kano Space Society is your gateway to the stars.

DESIGN THINKING SWEDEN. Where innovation knows no boundaries in the digital worlds. Our visionary approach empowers individuals and organizations to pioneer a future where human-centered design, AI, Metaverse , NFT Blockchain and cutting-edge technologies converge seamlessly.

STRATA. At Strata, we help tech companies develop effective fundraising and go-to-market strategies . Founded in 2019, the company boasts an international team of experts in technology, science, business, technology transfer and innovation, and counts with a customer base that spreads across 12 countries. We especially enjoy working in the health-tech, deep-tech and clean-tech areas. Driven by the UN Development goals, we envision and work for a better future – more sustainable, more equal, healthier, more humanitarian – and we believe technology will be the game changing driver.

ITTI. The Institute for Technology Transfer and Innovations (ITTI) works toward the creation and the development of a national innovation infrastructure, the spreading of new knowledge, the stimulation of technological entrepreneurship, the transfer of knowledge and technologies and the market application of innovative products.
The activities of the Institute serve as a mechanism for the development and financing of research, development and application of innovations. Critical focus in the work of the Institute is the development of cooperation between the business and the scientific community.


We are creating a group of ambassadors very soon, if you are interested, contact us directly, and we talk: Hello @ eurospacehub. com .