Workshop at ISU in the context of EuroSpaceHub on choosing a location for a startup

Between 10-19 January 15 students followed a workshop on Start-up location. The workshop started with a formal lecture on a system approach on where to choose the best location for creating a start-up in view of

  • The potential market.
  • The target group to be contacted.
  • Geopolitical constraints.

The participants were provided with several database links covering the different surveys labeled as ‘best country to do business’ by Forbes, WTO and other organizations.

The participants were divided in international groups and each group was given a particular scenario. The teams had to select a regio considering specific geopolitical boundary conditions, export control and a country in that region recommended. In addition, they were asked to suggest a legal structure of the company and potential local funding sources. The flow of the system approach is depicted below.

Each team had to present their findings to a jury and received marks, counting for their MSc. Degree.

Source : Worldbank, available under,%2C%20and%20Sweden%20(82)