Improved facilities: ISU Incubator

Thanks to the EuroSpaceHub initiative, increased emphasis could be put by the team to organize hackathons, conferences and tailored space business plan competitions, motivating young potential entrepreneurs to join the ISU space dedicated incubator. The present incubator was not only limited in size but also needed structural improvements due to new building regulations, in particular with respect to heating in winter and cooling issues during warm summer periods.

Encouraged by the success of the initial start-ups in ISU such as LeanSpace ( and Watershed Monitoring ( ) who left the ISU incubator after hiring more staff and therefore needing more accomodation, the local authorities agreed to refurbish the ISU incubator and provide better functionalities.

  1. New ISU incubator

Since the beginning of 2024 the new and modernized area of the ISU incubator facility is operational, offering a number of advantages:

  • A dedicated separate area with a shared meeting room
  • More offices available of different sizes
  • Better conditions w.r.t. environmental conditions
  • Separate breakout corners to receive visitors.

Based upon this improved offering discussions are ongoing with several potential start-ups to be accommodated, a very tangible effect resulting from the EuroSpaceHub activity.


  1. Picture of the previous ISU incubator area
  2. The new layout
  3. The refurbished Incubator area with offices and meeting cubicles