EuroSpaceHub Partners’ Training Workshops: Enhancing Collaboration and Innovation in the European Space Ecosystem

EuroSpaceHub is thrilled to announce a series of training workshops aimed at empowering its partners with valuable skills and knowledge. These workshops will focus on entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, innovation, and more, with the goal of building a stronger space ecosystem for Europe.

These workshop sessions will take place from June 19th-26th everyday at 17h00-18h00 CET and are open to EuroSpaceHub Partners. Are you interested in becoming a EuroSpaceHub partner? Don’t wait any longer, book a meeting now at:

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  • 19th June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Innovation Ecosystem Training”
    Innovation is a driving force behind advancements in the space sector. EuroSpaceHub understands the importance of nurturing a culture of innovation and has scheduled the “Innovation Ecosystem Training” workshop on June 19th.
  • 20th June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Collaboration Training” with Jara Pascual
    The “Collaboration Training” workshop on June 20th will delve into best practices, strategies, and techniques for successful collaboration in the space industry. Participants will gain insights into building partnerships, fostering open communication, and leveraging collective expertise.
  • 21st June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Unleashing Space Design’s Power: Space Habitats, Analog Missions, Astronaut Well-being, and Inspiring Case Studies” with Serena Crotti
    This lesson explores the role of designers in Space, focusing on the design of Space habitats and Analog missions. It addresses the challenges of living in confined environments and presents solutions to enhance astronauts’ well-being. Case studies of existing projects provide practical examples. The lesson emphasizes the integration of functionality, ergonomics, human factors, and aesthetics in creating suitable environments. Analog missions simulate Space conditions on Earth to refine Space habitat designs. Design strategies like appropriate lighting and interior layouts, along with recreational activities, are discussed. By the end, learners gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of designers in Space, habitat design, analog missions, and astronauts’ well-being.
  • 22nd June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Emotional Intelligence Training”
    Emotional intelligence is a vital skill for effective leadership and team management. On June 22nd, EuroSpaceHub will host the “Emotional Intelligence Training” workshop to help partners cultivate this essential attribute. The session will explore the principles of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication. By enhancing emotional intelligence, participants will be better equipped to navigate challenges, build strong relationships, and lead with resilience.
  • 23rd June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Space Diplomacy Training” with Bernard Foing and Ava Hutchison
    In an industry that transcends borders, diplomacy plays a crucial role. The “Space Diplomacy Training” workshop on June 23rd will shed light on the intricacies of international cooperation and diplomacy within the space sector. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the strategies required to foster collaboration on a global scale.
  • 26th June 2023, 17h-18h CET – Workshop “Social Media Expert Influencer Training”
    In today’s digital age, social media has become an indispensable tool for communication and influence. EuroSpaceHub recognizes its potential and will host the “Social Media Expert Influencer Training” workshop on June 26th. This session will equip partners with the knowledge and skills to effectively leverage social media platforms for outreach, engagement, and branding. Participants will learn how to craft compelling content, engage with audiences, and establish themselves as influential voices in the space industry.

EuroSpaceHub’s upcoming training workshops provide a unique opportunity for partners to improve their collaboration skills, entrepreneurial mindset, emotional intelligence, and diplomatic insight within the space industry. We look forward to welcoming our partners to these workshops and working together to shape the future of space and aviation ecosystem!