EuroSpaceHub Annual Partner Meeting in Madrid, Spain.

This years annual meeting of EuroSpaceHub occurred during the days of the 28th and 29th of November, at the venues of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

The event started off with a KPI reporting from our partners from VILNIUS TECH, the International Space University, the University Complutense de Madrid, Collabwith Group and Lunex Mars Explorers, followed by the discussion of further progresses in regards of deliverables and milestones.

Our VilnusTech representatives prepared a comprehensive agenda list, which looked as followed:

Risk Management Plan

List of space entrepreneurs & Pool of Entrepreneurs SBIC
network inside the platform

Report best practices for a Tech transfer office as a liaison for
innovation ecosystems and entrepreneurial activities inside

Report best practices on how to leverage networks in the
space industry

Report best practices of the new role of the tech transfer

Afterwards our partners from ISU, the International Space University presented a variety of topics on;

Educational program materials and List of industry challenges for the first cohort

UCM (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) worked further on:

Report of best practices to create space incubators inside

Report of list of ambassadors from the space industry and
research (with VILNIUS TECH)

and a knowledge pills Demo

Collabwith Group contributed with the report of analytics and metrics of ecosystem performance;

LUNEX concluded this first part of the meeting with the Dissemination and Communication Activity Report.

Afterwards all partners, worked through the project coordination and planning for the year 2024 and budget management as well as risk assessment.

Finishing off with a lunch break, Jara Pascual, CEO of Collabwith, set off with a collaboration workshop on ecosystems. The afternoon hours, were used for EuroSpaceHub networking, before heading to a final Gala Dinner at the venue of the Casino of Madrid with special guests like the director of R&D of the regional government of Madrid and Airbus Space Spain CEO; Luis Guerra. The other attendees summed up being around half UCM professors and researches, who all share the interest in Space Exploration and the other half being administration, press and industry related guests.

The event was finalised with a meeting including all space ecosystem in Madrid, as well as the gathering with the R&D Foundation and the UCM Transfer Office personell.

We were also given the opportunity to visit the Spacial and Joint Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy at the venue of the UCM, itself, and received insights into the control centre for satellites and telescopes of the University.

Concluding this two day long partner meeting, as a very successful get-together between all partners, making all EuroSpaceHub members keep looking forward for future collaborations and the upcoming year of 2024!

Have a look at the attached images and see for yourself!