A Recap of November’s Events

It is time to recap the events of this exciting month of November! 🗓️🚀

This month, has been filled by many international events, meetings and representations of EuroSpaceHub at conferences and exhibitions. 

1️⃣ 7th November, visit at the Space Policy Institute in Washington D.C, USA.

2️⃣ 7-9th November, EU Space Week in Seville, Spain joined by Ana Ines Gómez Castro, Juan Carlos Vallejo from UCM Madrid and Margarita from VilniusTech

3️⃣8th November, “Co-design negotiation room and Collab process” Workshop at VilniusTech, Lithuania 

4️⃣14-16th November, EuroSpaceHubs partner: Internațional Space University presented with a stand at the Space Expo in Bremen, Germany 

5️⃣ 23th November, ESA DG and AAE academy at Space Innovation Forum in Toulouse, France joined by Bernard Foing

6️⃣25th November, selected students from our Toulouse IPSA space project joining the EuroSpaceHub programme and getting the opportunity of joining a meeting and cocktail from the AAE Air and space academy in Grande Salle des Illustres at the Capitol in Toulouse

7️⃣ 28 and 29th November: an eventful month coming to its end, with the EuroSpaceHub partner meeting in Madrid Spain. The 2 day event filled with workshops, reporting, meetings and a final Gala Dinner at the venue of the Casino of Madrid, with special guests like the director of R&D of the regional government of Madrid and Airbus Space CEO; Luis Guerra. 

An eventful month, we cant wait for the month of December and to round of this amazing year of 2023!