Workshop to Analyse the Innovation Ecosystem

This is a special invitation to join an open conversation about innovation ecosystems for space and aviation:
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Some months ago, we were working together with the core partners VilniusTECH, International Space University, Complutense University, Lunex EuroMoonMars, KPI Ukraine and Collabwith to build the infrastructure and governance for our mission to create a digital innovation ecosystem for space and aviation ecosystem.

So, I want to invite you to participate actively to understand the space and aviation ecosystem.

EuroSpaceHub is the digitalization of the Space European Innovation Ecosystem to digitally connect the Space Academic, Research, Industry and Startups to leverage Innovation Together.

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The objective is to understand the pain points you are feeling when thinking of an innovation ecosystem for the space and aviation ecosystem.

Participate in the Innovation Ecosystem workshop for Space (3 options here below):
Friday 25th November, at 2pm-3.30pm CET. 
Friday 2nd December at 8am-9.3am CET. 
Thursday 8th December at 4pm-5.30pm CET. 

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Agenda workshop:
-Definition of an innovation ecosystem
-Understanding of Digitalization of ecosystems
-Definition of ecosystems
-Innovation ecosystem canvas
-Innovation ecosystem mindset
-30min: Work with the innovation ecosystem canvas all together (objective is to have this done during the session: access here the PDF)

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