EuroSpaceHub merchandising to support students’ training

We all know that through the use of merchandising, brand identity can be strengthened, thus resulting in increased brand awareness. But what if merchandising became something more powerful? This was the question we addressed when designing EuroSpaceHub brand merchandise, which you can purchase in the shop section of this website. 

We believe that selling EuroSpaceHub products can be an innovative and creative way to reach our higher goal, which is supporting students’ training. To do that, we plan a special capsule collection of EuroSpaceHub-branded products. Part of the revenue from these products will be used to fund the training of students in aerospace skills and entrepreneurial skills, relying on the wide range of initiatives which EuroSpaceHub supports and organizes. We are proud and excited about this action, and what about you? 

We believe that selling EuroSpaceHub products can be an innovative and creative way to reach our higher goal, which is supporting students’ training.EuroSpaceHub Team

Curious to find out about the products which are already available? Take a look around the shop section to see sweatshirts, mugs, and T-shirts with our graphic logo! However, this is just the beginning: soon you will find new products and several other surprises. In fact, we are planning a series of special partnerships with several brands in the fashion and home decor industry. And there’s more. For our merchandising we also have some unique collaborations planned with… artists! In particular, we will organize a competition among artists for the design of visuals for merchandising. The topic of the competition is “Vintage collage and Space Mood”. We are looking for collaborating with brands and creative directors to play around the idea of future, tech, retro and universe fiction. For this special collection, 10% of the profit will be also allocated to the remuneration of artists. 

We are excited to launch these initiatives and to use EuroSpaceHub products to connect different communities and professionals in the context of Space, with a communal benefit: the funding of training and research activities of young students, together with supporting Space artists. Stay tuned for updates and if you are a Space artist… what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us soon!

EuroSpaceHub Astronauts’ mission patches
The design shows the names of the main partners and the colors of the project palette.  The graphic summarizes the two main aspects of EuroSpaceHub: Space and Collaboration. The protagonist of the design is therefore Saturn, which is depicted surrounded by several connecting dots, representing cooperation between different institutions and experts within the EuroSpaceHub ecosystem.

If you know already, Do you want to be the first to know when our EuroSpaceHub digital platform is live?

You will find a repository of space research results, projects and space startups and industry leaders. If you enter the EuroSpaceHub, you will enter a new level of collaborative mindset.

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