EuroSpaceHub Space Music
Art Contest – 2nd Edition


We are happy to share with you the call for submissions for the EuroSpaceHub Space Music Contest 2023! The contest is organized by the EuroSpaceHub Consortium and is open to all artists and creative minds, regardless of age or nationality.

This 2nd edition is dedicated to Space Music to celebrate our EuroSpaceHub Forum Ibiza 2023 event.

This year’s call focuses on the topic of Space Music. Each artist is asked to produce a digital artwork inspired by the retro imagery of Space Music, which is characterized by dreamy and often surreal atmospheres. We encourage your creativity to produce original, inspiring unique works!

The selected graphic designs will be used on the EuroSpaceHub digital platform login page and on EuroSpaceHub brand merchandise (t-shirts/sweatshirts), which will be sold on our official shop. Revenue from the sales of these items will be used to partially fund the training of students and their participation in missions as analog astronauts.

Each garment will be sold at the price of 300,00€ on EuroSpaceHub website. The revenue from the sale of each t-shirt will be equally divided among the artists (€100,00), the student training (€100,00) and EuroSpaceHub consortium (€100,00 for management and production costs). The winning designs will also be displayed in the Log In page of EuroSpaceHub digital platform. If you are an artist and you would like to contribute to the training of young students and professionals in aerospace, then this call is for you!

There is no fee to enter the competition. Individual artists, designers, students, professionals, freelancers and Space enthusiasts are all welcome to participate. Each artist is allowed to submit up to two proposals. From all the works received, the EuroSpaceHub jury will select the three winning artworks.


The awards for the winning artists are as follows:

€ 400.00 for the first classified winner

€ 200.00 for the second classified winner

€ 100.00 for the third classified winner

Each winning artist will also receive mentions and visibility via EuroSpaceHub socials, website, Log In page of the platform and on the online shop, through the sale of merchandising items to the public. In addition to the three official winners, six other artworks will also be selected, for a total of 9 selected works. These will be used as backgrounds on the Log In page of the EuroSpaceHub platform, where the artworks will be given visibility. These additional works will not receive a monetary prize but only a certificate of participation in the contest.

By submitting your entry to this competition, you automatically give EuroSpaceHub the rights to use your artwork, if your work is selected among the 9 winning designs.

The selection criteria for the winning artworks are:

  1. Originality and creativity (max 5 points)
  2. Consistency with the proposed theme of Space Music (max 4 points)
  3. Quality of the artwork execution (max 6 points)
  4. Compliance with technical rules as specified below (max 5 points)


To submit your work, the procedure is very easy. All you need to do is following these simple steps.

  1. Subscribe to EuroSpaceHub with your personal details here:
  2. Send us a folder via We Transfer with the following deliverables, to hello @
  • Your graphic artwork in jpeg / png format and vectorial format
  • Picture of yourself (for our social media and outreach), squared format, 200×200 dpi
  • A pdf document with the following details:
    —> Name, Surname – Adress – Telephone Number
    —> Short bio of the artist (about 200 words)
    —> Short explanation of the artwork (about 200 words)
    —> List of references for the images used in the composition (as detailed in the “technical rules” below)

The folder must be renamed as follows: Name_Surname_Artwork Title All the files must be sent to:
hello @

Following your submission you will receive an email confirming that we have properly received your work. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at hello @ or via our socials in dm @eurospacehub (Instagram).

Submissions are now open! We look forward to your artworks!


There is time until 28th April 2023, 11 pm CET.


Each work must meet the following technical specifications:

  1. The artwork must be a digital design in the Space Music style. The composition can be a vintage-style digital collage or a graphic artwork fully produced by the artist. In both ways the work must be consistent with the Space Music imagery. Please note that only digital artworks will be considered: this contest is to select a graphic design for EuroSpaceHub merchandising and it does not involve the selection of physical artifacts. If you are an artist who is used to making paper collages, you can make your own collage artwork analogically and then scan it so that it can be sent to us digitally. Only images with appropriate quality and resolution will be considered.
  2. The submitted file must be saved and delivered in both the following formats: jpeg and vectorial (svg or Adobe Illustrator or eventually Photoshop File). For jpeg files, the resolution must be 300 ppi.
  3. Each graphic design must feature the artist’s watermark or signature or logo. This must be placed and integrated in a discreet way inside the composition (small size, on the side).
  4. In the creation of the Graphic Collage you may use third-party graphic elements (photographs, texts, others) available on the web only if they are under the Public Domain (License CC0 – No Rights Reserved). Each artist is asked to submit via email, along with their Graphic Collage, a list of references with the sources of the images used in the composition. This list must be submitted as a pdf file. Each work must be an original digital composition, created by the artists themselves. No consideration will be given to designs that repurpose Collages or artworks previously created by others.
  5. The layout in which to place your artwork must be a squared format (25x25cm canva). You can download the layout from our website. This layout represents the printing area. Within this area you are free to arrange your graphics as you wish.
  6. Each file must be set with the sRGB color profile (recommended sRGB IEC61966-2.1 for better accuracy in t-shirt printing).

Download the context instruction here.

Download the template 25cmx25cm for the context.

EuroSpaceHub is founded by VilniusTech, International Space University, Complutense University of Madrid, Collabwith, Lunex Foundation, Igor Sikorsky KPI and funded by the EIT HEI Initiative lead by EIT Manufacturing & EIT Raw Materials.